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Car Warranty and Motor Breakdown Assistance from MAPFRE | WARRANTY

It is a well-known fact that any machine, particularly a motor vehicle in daily use, is at a greater risk of mechanical or electrical failure as time passes and mileage increases. The older the vehicle gets, the greater the risk of expensive repairs.

To help ease the pain of paying for these repairs you can now purchase a MAPFRE ASSISTANCE Warranty product from any of our approved Motor Dealers Nationwide. Our tailor-made packages are designed to meet the specific demands and challenges of the modern motor dealer, manufacturer, and motorist.

Car Warranty Covers...
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Electrical Failure
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Lo-call Claims Service
  • Optional Roadside Assist
  • Range of Optional Extras

FREEdom FREEway FREEway Lite Premium Range (Dealer Only) Breakdown Assistance
Freedom Freeway Freeway Lite Premium Range Optional Motor Breakdown
Maximum protection, for mechanical/electrical breakdown. Comprehensive cover for a range of mechanical & electrical parts. Standard warranty, cover for engine and transmission components. Series of products for a variety of mechanical & electrical faults. We can also provide a national breakdown assistance service.